7 things that make you unattractive without you knowing


Who doesn’t want to be liked by everybody? Some people are popular and well-liked by everyone around them, while others have certain negative traits that make them less likable.

However, many people don’t seem to realize that they have these characteristics that make them annoying or downright unbearable. This article lists some of the things that could be making people dislike you. Read on and see if any of them seem familiar!

1. Being self-absorbed

Nobody likes a narcissist. And many people appear narcissistic or self-absorbed without meaning to. You think you’re the only one that matters. Every situation, event, or even conversation must revolve around you. You don’t consider the feelings or needs of other people. If this sounds like something you do, then it may be time to change your outlook on life.

2. Being insecure

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If you keep questioning your importance to others and require the opinions of others for validation, then you definitely seem unattractive to others. This kind of behaviour seems insecure and clingy and will make you appear childish and immature. Insecurity can put people off and can make others reluctant to be around you.

3. Acting bossy

Everyone likes a level playing field and no one likes a bossy friend. If you are always controlling people, making decisions or act like you are in charge of your social circle, no one will enjoy spending time with you. Sometimes bossy people will use manipulation and charm to get others to do what they want. However, one other realize what you are doing, they will no longer spend time around you.

4. Bad manners

Simple manners can make a huge difference if you want people to like you. Saying please and thank you, not interrupting, making conversation, showing appreciation, having table manners, being on time all reflect consideration for others and respect for one’s self. Poor manners can make anyone seem very unlikable. No one wants to be around someone who acts unpleasant or impolite.

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5. Being negative

Pessimism is not considered a very attractive quality. If you’re constantly putting things down or seeing situations in a negative light, try to change your attitude. Nobody wants to be friends with someone who’s constantly seeing the negative instead of the positive. Your negativity will bring others down and they will associate you with pessimism and negative energy.

6. Being overly competitive

Does everything seem like a competition to you? Do you always have to be better than others? If so, then you will come off as an unattractive person. Being overly competitive can harm your relationships with people who matter to you, and rob you of the chance to enjoy many wonderful things in life. Learn how to appreciate the success of other people. You should care more about your friends, and let them have their moment.

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7. Dishonesty

A good friend is known for honesty and reliability. Many people who partake in ugly behaviours are often dishonest and they lie about everything. Similar behaviour includes inquiring about every question asked about them, and how they truly feel about different things. This can also include gossiping and spreading tales about other people. If this sounds like something you do, you should take a good look at your behaviour. No one likes a liar and honesty really is the best policy.


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