SayItRight writes: Letter to mum


There’s no way we can pay you back.
But our plan is to show you that we understand what you’ve been through for us.

You taught us everything.
And everything you’ve given us, we will always keep them inside.

You have been our driving force in life.

The first one to hold us, the first one to scold us.
You never cease to teach us.
And always try to reach us.

We always loved you.
And we will always love you.

You brought us to this world.
You taught us right from wrong.

We thank you for our lives.

And we thank you for our bibles.

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All that we have is you.

You taught us strength and you gave us guidance.

Whenever faith was lost, you were there to find it for us.
You did and continue to do all of these because your love is unconditional.

We love you mum and will continue to do so.

Myself, Esther, Abigail and Freda say Happy Birthday 

This letter was first published by on May 13, 2018 as a Mothers’ Day Message


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