Kaywa Unveils Four New Talents


Highly Spiritual Music, a renowned record label based in Tema, is preparing for an exciting unveiling as they introduce their four newly signed artistes to the world. In an announcement on social media, the CEO of Highly Spiritual Music, Kaywa, expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming talent and their ability to reshape the music landscape with their extraordinary gifts.

The record label, known for its commitment to nurturing exceptional talent, is eager to embrace the unique magic that each artist brings to the table. With their diverse musical styles and innovation, these four individuals are poised to redefine the boundaries of music and take listeners on an extraordinary journey.

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The CEO, Kaywa, took to social media to share his excitement, stating, “Embracing the magic of their unique talent as they redefine the boundaries of music and take us on an extraordinary journey. Welcome the brilliant sounds of the new era.”

The new roster of Highly Spiritual Music includes Joe Vibe, Cadeen, Shuga Lord, and Joy Verse. Each artist brings their own distinct flavor and creativity to the label, promising an array of musical experiences for fans and listeners alike.

Joe Vibe, with his infectious energy and captivating stage presence, is set to captivate audiences with his vibrant sound. Cadeen, known for his smooth vocals and soulful melodies, is poised to touch hearts with his evocative music. Shuga Lord, with his unique blend of genres and commanding lyrical prowess, is ready to make a bold statement in the industry. Lastly, Joy Verse, a talented singer-songwriter, is set to enchant listeners with her heartfelt lyrics and melodic tunes.

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The unveiling of these four talented artistes marks a new chapter for Highly Spiritual Music, showcasing the label’s commitment to discovering and nurturing exceptional talents in the music industry.

Music enthusiasts and fans can expect an array of captivating sounds and groundbreaking performances from Joe Vibe, Cadeen, Shuga Lord, and Joy Verse as they embark on their musical journey under the esteemed Highly Spiritual Music label.


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