17th May 2024

The Engage Now Africa and End Modern Slavery has recue 17 foreign nationals who are into human trafficking and engaged in all sources of means.

Speaking at the sideline of the official launch of world blue day against human trafficking the director of Engage Now Africa Madam Lydia Ohenewaa Afasi was optimistic that the 17 foreign nationals who was rescue have been reintegrate to their various countries.

According to her, this year’s commemoration of the blue day against human trafficking would be held in three regions such as Eastern, Volta and Greater Accra Regions respectively.

Madam Lydia Ohenewaa reiterated to the fact that Ghana is becoming a dumping of human trafficking and engaged them into prostitution, street begging among other.

The Engage Now Africa have over the years fighting against human trafficking in the country and equipping them into a profitable lifestyle rather than engaging them into prostitution and other lifestyle which against our societal norms.

Ghana is now describe as the flash point of child trafficking and abuse of human rights in the country.

On 30th July which has been set aside to Mark this year commemoration of blue day under the theme: Human Trafficking A Collective Responsibility.

This year commemoration the organization will be engaging stakeholders such as the Hotels Owners, Pub Owners and other stakeholders.

On Friday the organization will be visiting a mosque and faith based organization on Sunday to climax the commemoration.

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