24th May 2024

Sometimes you get lucky with your dating experience. You find them good looking, the conversations go seamlessly well and you both slowly start bonding over various topics.

And then suddenly, it’s been close to a week that you haven’t heard from them, not even a text. You just got ghosted! Now, there are very few valid reasons to ghost someone. As an adult, it’s inexcusable to leave someone on read when all it takes is a few seconds to reply to them with the reason.

Let’s give you the benefit of doubt and say that maybe you need some help with what to text someone you aren’t interested in instead of ghosting them. Here, we got you covered.

– To someone who keeps following up after just a first date you can say, “It was really nice getting to know you, but I don’t see this working.” You can also say, “It was nice meeting you but I’m not interested. Thanks for dinner!”

– To someone you went out on a few dates but didn’t find interesting, you can say, “I had a fun time with you. But I don’t think we’re compatible.” You can also text them, “I loved the time we spent, but I don’t see this going too far.”
– To someone who feels more like a friend than a potential partner, you can text, “I think you’re really cool but I don’t think I see you as anything more than friends.” You can also tell them, “It’s been super fun to hang out with you, but I think I get very friendly vibes from you, and that’s about it.”

– To someone who likes you more than you like them, you can say, “I really think you’re great, but we want different things and I don’t think this will work.” Or simply say, “It’s been nice getting to know you, but the more we spend time together, the more I realize we’re on different pages.”


– To someone who only texts after midnight, you can text, “Sorry, your lifestyle is a little off from mine. I don’t think we’ll ever connect.” You can also say, “I have a lot going on right now and just need to focus on myself. I don’t think this will work out.”

Source: timesofindia.com

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