19th June 2024

Four persons have been seriously injured in an accident on the Tema motorway Friday morning.

The unfortunate incident, involving four persons, occurred some minutes after 6:00 am.

A pedestrian was waiting to cross to the other side of the road when the motorbike approached.

According to an eyewitness’ account, the motorbike gave way to the pedestrian but just after stepping onto the road he decided to retreat.The miscommunication between the rider — who was carrying two passengers — and the pedestrian, caused them to collide.

Their blood spilled onto the busy road creating a ghastly scene.

In a viral video, the rider can barely move and the pedestrian is seen groaning in pain. The two passengers on the bike are also seen sitting in a nearby bush with injuries.A police officer is seen maintaining order at the accident scene.


SOURCE: myjoyonline.com

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