27th May 2024

It can be hard to set boundaries with someone that you were almost always talking to and in some cases even living together.

Whether you’re in a new relationship or not in one at all, here are 4 things we advice that you shouldn’t do with your ex.


Keep communicating all the time

Yes, you can communicate with them because it’s not like you’re enemies now; you just broke up. It becomes an issue when you’re chatting with them as much as you used to when you were dating. If you’re in a new relationship, it can cause a strain on it as it may start to seem like you’re still interested in your ex.

Talk about your new relationship

It’s not right to talk into details about how awesome you feel in this new relationship and all the things your new partner is doing right as opposed to them. It shows that you’re still a little obsessed with your ex and for some reason you feel like you need to prove to them that you’re the bag they fumbled but it truly isn’t necessary. You need to let go and move on.

Don’t hook up with them

Absolutely not! Especially if it’s a recent breakup. Sex has a way of letting your guard down and making you think of things which aren’t there. You’ll spoil your recovery over the break up and you’ll hurt yourself all over again.

Get them gifts of sentimental value

This shows that you’re still emotionally attached to them. It can make things awkward between the 2 of you especially if they’ve moved on from you.

Dealing with your ex can be a little tricky but you should always try to set the boundaries and make sure all the rules are followed.

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