20th May 2024

A popular Kumawood actor and veteran in the arts and entertainment industry, Kwaku Twumasi, says Agya Koo’s arrogance caused his career to take a tailspin.

Agya Koo has on several occasions accused Kumawood producers and directors for setting traps to cause his downfall.

But speaking in an interview on Angel FM’s Church Bells, Mr Twumasi denied the allegations levelled against producers and directors of Kumawood movies by Alex Kofi Adu.

Clear arrogance

According to the actor, Kumawood producers and directors declined contacting Agya Koo in their movies when he (Agya Koo) exhibited traits of arrogance.

“Producers and directors never plotted against Agya Koo. Koo is a very good actor but at a point he became proud and displayed egotism. He caused his own downfall. He became so arrogant that he sometimes gave producers timelines to finish their shoot,” he said.

“Now that the industry players are struggling to revive the industry, I’ll advise Agya Koo to change his attitude. Once he changes, producers and directors are willing and ready to work with him again,” Mr Twumasi stressed.

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