14th June 2024

Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu says the involvement of Data Bank Financial Services Limited in the Agyapa Agreement smells of “bid-rigging.”.

Mr. Amidu further alleged that the procurement process “was manipulated by the Ministry of Finance by adding an unapproved rider for collaboration with a Ghanaian firm.”

Mr. Amidu further reveals in his report that other individuals who have business interests in Data Bank aside from the Finance Minister played various roles leading to the selection of Data Bank.

One, Felicia Ashley who is said to work at the Finance Ministry is mentioned.

According to Martin Amidu, she had previously worked as Vice President and Head of Human Capital and Administration at Data Bank.

Mr. Amidu said her current role as Director of Human Capital and General Administration meant she had oversight responsibility for the processes that saw the involvement of Data Bank.

These revelations are contained in a Corruption Risk Assessment report conducted by the Special Prosecutor on the Agyapa Royalties Agreement.


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