18th May 2024

Akuapem Poloo

A group of indigenes of Okuapeman, calling itself Okuapeman global, has said that actions of social media sensation Rosemond Brown, popularly known as Akuapem Poloo, make her a ‘good patient’ for the psychiatric hospital.


Commenting on recent nude picture of the young lady in-front of her son, that went viral and the puerile excuses she gave for undertaking the act, the group has asked Akuapem Poloo to consider taking an immediate visit to the hospital, meant for treating patient who are deemed to be mentally retarded.

“We of Okuapeman global have taken note of a certain Rosemond Brown whose showbiz name is Akuapem Poloo.

Much as we are excited for the use of ‘Akuapem’ in her showbiz name, even though she is not in any way a citizen of ‘Akuapem’, we state in very clear terms that we are beginning to get worried over her acts which seem to be always controversial and which put her in terribly bad light,” the group said.



In statement signed by Nana Bekoe Dankwah, General Secretary of the group, and copied to the eveningmailgh.com the group noted it’s their expectation that Rosemond Brown in the use of “Akuapem”, which is the identity of Akuapems, who are known for being well cultured and well brought up, will do everything to keep flying high the image of the name which attracted her to it.

They expressed worry over the collateral damage the use of the name “Akuapem” by the social media vis a vis her controversies seem to be doing to the image of the people of Akuapem decent.


“As for the indecent exposure and what comes with the viral picture, we leave it to the appropriate state institutions,” the statement added.


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