16th June 2024

Former Special Prosecutor, Martin A.B.K Amidu has challenged Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong to release any documents relating to his medical records to Ghanaians, if he has any.

This comes after the Assin Central MP alleged on live TV that the former Special Prosecutor has a medical condition for which he receives treatment in Germany.

Responding to these allegations in an interaction with Umaru Sanda on CitiNews, Martin Amidu vehemently rejected the accusations and also questioned the source of the information.

“I have never been to Germany on any occasion for a medical checkup. I don’t know any German hospital or clinic and therefore, these allegations are false. If he has documents on me having gone for medical treatment in Germany, he should produce them,” he said.

He further argued that he is open for any probe as regards the claims, as propagated by Kennedy Agyapong.

“My passports are available, I have not been to Germany,’ he emphasized. Adding that he rarely has any knowledge at all about the country in question let alone receive treatment there.

Referencing his tenure in public office, he said none of his national assignments led him to Germany.

“The whole of my tenure, from the PNDC in 83 to when I left office on the 19th I did not have the opportunity to visit Germany…,” he said.

However, per Kennedy Agyapong’s explanations, it took the intervention of some key political personalities to avert questions about Amidu’s medical records when he faced the Appointment Committee, prior to his appointment.

Martin Amidu thinks he’s a ‘tin god’. He should bring his medical records from Germany, I dare him. Bring your medical records from Germany to determine if you’re normal…Ayariga was going to take him on to produce his medical records and explain why he went to Germany [but] Mahama told him to stop. ‘Don’t raise this question at the Appointment Committee’. Mahama advised them not to raise that issue [about] the medical records and it was never brought up because they knew that one [day] this will happen,” visibly peeved Kennedy Agyapong said on Net 2 TV.

Source: GhanaWeb

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