20th June 2024

The country will, on June 14, 2020, witness the official launch of yet another radio station, Asaase 99.5. The FM station, which is Pan-Africanist-centred, with the tagline “The Voice of Our Land”, is poised to compete with other vibrant, English-language radio stations in the country.

Inundated with captivating content, placing special emphasis on business and current affairs, as well as culture, entertainment, lifestyle and sports, Asaase Radio is determined to capture the airwaves and online platforms.

According to a statement issued by the management of the station, the media house has emerged to showcase professionalism and serenity in the media landscape, “with accurate and authentic news, devoid of falsehood and misrepresentation.”

New definition

The statement further said that the station would provide an innovative, Pan-Africanist, multimedia network “that engages and enriches lives,” adding: “The platform will inform and entertain from a strong cultural base of belief in the individual’s freedom and well-being, taking Ghana to the world, and the world to Ghana.”

The budding radio station, the statement said, “is determined to develop essential and indispensable content which will ensure the growth and sustainability of the relationship with its audience.”

Also, “great focus will be placed on bringing accurate and balanced news reportage without embellishment to its listeners. This will be achieved by gathering professional and motivated journalists who have great respect for the practice and ethics of journalism.”

Speaking to reporters, the Chief Executive Officer of Asaase Radio, Nana Opoku Antwi Agyeman, said that the main vision of media house is to become “the most trusted voice of the motherland, Ghana”, by building a credible, fearless, independent and quality national radio network.”

He added that inculcating good social values and developmental attitudes in Ghana’s citizens will be the primary focus of the station.

“We are focused on developing for subscribers a powerful radio network with an audience as diverse as our programming and the communities we serve. Our ultimate quest is to find answers and solutions to the problems and opportunities of our society,” Nana Opoku Antwi Agyeman said.

Best practices

The zeal of management and staff of Asaase Radio 99.5 reaffirms the station’s commitment to delivering news and current affairs, according to Cyrus deGraft-Johnson, General Manager of the radio station.

He reiterated the station’s determination to be a contributing hub for disseminating accurate news, adding: “It will be a go-to for people who seek authentic information and news.”

Cyrus deGraft-Johnson said that the station will adhere to all appropriate rules and regulations, as well as uphold the highest standards of media practice.

“We as a radio station are prepared to collaborate with the regulatory bodies in adherence to all media regulating practices. We assure our audience of accuracy, trust, integrity and creativity in our operations. In fact, Asaase Radio will be the place to go to be certain,” Cyrus deGraft-Johnson said.

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