13th June 2024

Allegations of fiscal mismanagement have rocked the political arena as the opposition levels damning accusations against the government, claiming it has dipped into funds allocated for Treasury Bills amounting to GH¢7 billion to settle outstanding payments owed to contractors.

Minority Leader Ato Forson has vehemently condemned this action, stating, it is unacceptable for the government to resort to borrowing from T-Bills, which are typically earmarked for critical financial operations, to cover contractor expenses.

He warned that such misappropriation undermines the integrity of the financial system and raises serious doubts about the government’s commitment to fiscal responsibility.

In response, government officials have staunchly refuted these allegations, dismissing them as baseless and politically motivated. A government representative asserted, “There is no truth to these allegations. The government adheres strictly to financial protocols, and any borrowing is conducted within established procedures.”

However, despite these denials, the opposition remains resolute in their claims, demanding a thorough investigation into the matter. “We demand transparency and accountability from the government,” declared another opposition leader, emphasizing the imperative for clarity regarding the utilization of public funds.

The controversy surrounding the alleged diversion of funds from Treasury Bills to settle contractor payments has ignited a heated debate within the political sphere, underscoring the critical importance of financial accountability and oversight in governmental operations.

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