21st May 2024

Furious Sofo Azorka charges his ‘boys’ to ‘finish’ NPP members

A national first vice-chairman of the NDC, Chief Sofo Awudu Azorka, has commissioned his ‘boys’ to ‘finish’ members of the governing NPP who are found to be engaged in activities that are not in the electoral interest of the opposition party.

In a video that went viral on social and traditional media over the weekend, the NDC leader, who is also the founder of the notorious Azorka Boys, is seen angrily ordering members of the NDC to go round and ‘finish’ NPP supporters “who will be seen in their communities”.

His group is noted to be perpetrators of heinous electoral violence and have been terrorising people during elections.

‘Finish am’

The NDC vice-chairman, in the video, is seen showing a book to NDC supporters and claiming members of the governing NPP are going round their communities collating voters’ ID details of the electorate in the area.

“…If you see anybody in your community holding this book, going round, writing our people name, masa don’t let him go free. This book, if you see him, you do what? Finish am!” he said to a thunderous response of “Finish am” from the NDC supporters who had gathered around him.

With a raging anger in his voice and blazing eyes, he added, “they are not Electoral Commission. They are not the Electoral Commission; listen well, you see anybody holding this book, going round our communities, collecting people voting ID card, masa you should do what? Finish am,” he emphasised.

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