17th May 2024

Moesha Boduong

In the wake of the fallout from veteran actor, Kofi Adjorlolo’s comments about producers owing him and refusing to pay, many more players in the industry are speaking out about what they say are the real issues and one of them is actress Moesha Boduong.

For Moesha, while producers deserve some of the bashing for their actions, the blame should also be laid at the foot of the pioneer actors.

Speaking with Graphic Showbiz on Sunday, February 9, she said the foundation they laid is weak and that is why the industry is in its current state.

“I would want to talk based on my experience in the industry, all the things coming out now is as a result of what those who came before us did. They were happy just being on the screens and did not see the need to be paid for their works.

“Today, they have realised the money is not coming so they are calling out producers. Because they did not see the need to take money for work done, producers also saw no need to pay and that has been the trend for so long.

“There were times movie producers were using cars of their cast in their movies so it became a requirement. If you did not have a car, you would not get roles and interestingly, these actors were enjoying the fact that they were being used. I believe they had no idea a day like this was going to come,” she said.

Moesha revealed that she faced a lot of difficulty in being accepted into the movie industry saying she was rejected a lot of times.

“It was difficult because I had nothing so directors and producers were not ready to use me. It got to a time my dad was not comfortable with me going after my dreams because I had nothing to show for it so I went back to school and then social media came.”

“On the part of the men, it is just sorrowful; there are so many people who have stopped acting because of some of these things. When those who started were on top, they thought that was it but today ask me where are they now.

“When was the last time you saw any of them in a movie, except for a few people who are loyal to some production houses and so will still be acting for free. If those actors had respect for the industry and did what they had to do, we will not be here today.

“Let us ask the people talking now where they were when it started, how come they did not speak up and are doing so now. They just cannot stand the heat coming to them now, the market is open. Today, people are getting paid and they are still being seen as actors who act for free so it hurts,” she said.

Talking about what can be done to make things better, Moesha said, “for now, I doubt if anything can be done to make things right. It will take a whole lot to correct some of these things, it is like we have built a certain foundation that will be difficult to break. It has gone on for too long.”

However, Moesha said she was doing her part to bring about some change. “For now, I charge, I believe I have paid my dues not to be doing things for free and that is how I think I can help change the narrative,” she stated.

She, however, said it was not all bad as there were a few production houses that paid. “I have worked with Shirley Frimpong Manso and she pays. Even if you are an extra in her movie, she will pay you. Apart from her, there are others I have worked with and they do the needful because they understand the game,” she stated.

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