16th June 2024

Lawrence Nana Asiamah popularly called “Bulldog”

By Fafali Nyonator

I was taken aback upon hearing very unfortunate comments made by one entertainment pundit, Lawrence Nana Asiamah, popularly called “Bulldog” in an interview he granted on one of the media outlets of Media General . His comments weren’t just unfortunate but so impolite and humiliating to women. I condemn in no uncertain terms the comments he made which were reckless and provocative.

”They should be for the kitchen and the bedroom…Women destroy stuff, they mess up everything. Women should be just for the kitchen and bedroom.I am saying this. They should go and cut my head or my wife can leave me if she wants to. Women are meant for the kitchen and bedroom, they shouldn’t be sitting around men discussing important things…”.This comment is quite baffling considering the day and age we are in and how someone will choose to degenerate women in an era where women empowerment is a paramount issue with leaders across the world committed in the development and advancement of the girl child and women at large.


As an advocate for women empowerment , i find these comments as ridiculous and an insult to our very being. Women across the world have played vital roles in the development of their homes, communities and nations at large . The attempt to relegate women to the background in this day and age is surprising.

I would have thought that the host of the program being a woman herself would have immediately condemned his utterances or cut him off the program to send him signals that such disrespect can’t be tolerated on any day. This a media outfit that has a woman as the groups’ CEO and that baffled me the more as to why he was allowed to make such comments and go away freely.

Call for apology

Mr Lawrence should bow his head in shame and apologize unreservedly for his reckless utterances. Women are the primary caretakers of children and elders in every country of the world.

Throughout history, the central role of women in society has ensured the stability, progress and long-term development of nations. In today’s world, women with their ambitions, intelligence and strength have proved that the word “inferior” has nothing in common with their gender.

The traditional and stereotyped approach towards women as wives and just reproducers of generation is extinct. It’s not a secret, that besides being good mommies, cooks, and housewives, women are also as successful in all areas as men.

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