Bus driver and mate arrested; forced to pick up rubbish for littering

An undisciplined commercial bus driver and his conductor (mate) have been arrested in Navrongo in the Upper East Region for indiscriminately dumping bucket-full rubbish in a bush by the Paga-Navrongo highway.


The conductor of the Royal branded transport bus registered GS 2884 – 17, reportedly dumped the waste generated by passengers into the bush at Saboro, a village between Paga and Navrongo.


A resident of the area, Ali Moro, who witnessed the incident, approached the conductor and insisted that he collected the waste dumped into the bush.

Narrating the episode to 3news.com, Moro said the conductor initially refused to collect the rubbish, and dared that nothing will happen to him for refusing to collect the waste. He later took to Facebook to shame the two.


The driver of the bus and another man emerged from the bus and verbally abused Moro, but he stood his grounds and insisted that the driver and his conductor picked the rubbish.

“If he does not pick, what can you do?” they queried Moro.

Another man who witnessed the incident, joined Moro to ensure the driver and the conductor did the right thing by picking the rubbish.

The man advised that Moro followed the bus to Navrongo township, while he drove to lodge a complaint at the Navrongo police station.Bus driver & mate arrested; forced to pick up rubbish for littering

According to Moro, while his partner moved from the scene to lodge the complaint, the mate finally gave in and started to pick the rubbish from the bush back into the bus.

That notwithstanding, the complaint was lodged and the driver and his conductor were arrested by the police on reaching Navrongo.


According to Moro, there were still remnants of rubbish in the area, suggesting that is not the first time the two have been depositing their waste in the area.


It is unclear if the two will be processed for court but Moro said he expect that the two are punished to deter them from such indiscipline act.


Source: 3news.com


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