16th June 2024

Ms. Akwada (right) helping a market woman on the use of a nose mask

The Deputy National Youth Organiser of the governing New Patriotic Party, Perpetual Lomokie Akwada, yesterday, distributed hand gloves, sanitizers and nose masks to some market women at Texpo market, Spintex. The items were given to the women to protect them in the midst of confirmed cases of COVID 19 in the country. Taxi and trotro drivers were also not exempted from the distribution of the items.


Ms. Akwada, speaking to the Evening Mail, said the “time has come to sensitise our mothers to take charge of their own protection against the COVID-19 virus. The market women are the most vulnerable, because they interact with different people each day. There is therefore the need to visit them with these materials to keep them safe. We need our market women alive and we love them”.

She called on all Ghanaians to practice good personal hygiene and adhere to all the precautionary measures prescribed by health experts.

Concerns on hiking of prices of sanitisers

The market women thanked the NPP deputy youth organizer for the gesture.

One of the women, Auntie Akorle, said, “I was thinking of how I would get a sanitizer to buy. I didn’t even know how I would get some since the prices have astronomically increased. Now that I have received this from sister Perpetual, I will use it judiciously.”

She called on sellers of hand sanitisers to desist from creating artificial shortage in the system and hiking the prices. “It is my wish that the prices of the sanitizers come down so that we can all afford”, Auntie Akorle added.

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