20th June 2024

An Independent Presidential Candidate, Dr Tom Asiseh, together with the leadership of the Independent Presidential Movement (PPM), and Ghana Diasporan Movement (GDM), have stated that the level of corruption in the country is an embarrassment to the democracy.

In a press statement signed by Dr Asiseh, he said the recent parliamentary primaries organized by the governing New Patriotic Party, which was full of corruption, cements the endemic nature of the canker in the country and how it tarnishes and defeats the relevance of democracy.

“Voter bribery has become a common phenomenon in our fledgling democracy. Some parliamentary aspirants of the ruling political party have flagrantly disregarded the political parties ACT which serves as a guiding principle for all who seek to contest for political positions in Ghana,” the statement added.

According to Dr Asiseh, the country’s democracy cannot thrive on the highest bidder, adding that if the growing phenomenon persists, the country will end up producing and voting for incompetent leaders.
“Those who offer money and other benefits for electorates have nothing good to offer except to engage in corrupt practices,” he said.

Campaign for vote

Dr Asiseh stated that when given the nod, he will use the CICI model to appoint leaders and will encourage the grassroot level to follow same. He mentioned that, the CICI model which uses common sense, intelligence, consciousness and integrity will be his criteria for selection of leaders.

“We believe when these principles are encouraged, Ghana will produce leaders who will maintain higher standards of professionalism. I will ensure that my appointees or leaders would have to satisfy the CICI criteria before they hold any political position in Ghana,” he stated.

“Vote for honesty, firm leadership and integrity. Dr Tom Asiseh is not just a politician but a transformational leader who understands the intricacies of leadership to explore in order to move Ghana from a third world country to a first world country,” he added.

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