17th May 2024

President of Burkina Faso Lieutenant Colonel Paul-Henri Damiba

Reports indicate that soldiers have taken to the streets of Burkina Faso’s capital, blocking access to administrative buildings amidst gunfire and blast, raising fears of a second military coup in eight months.

According to Reuters, Gunshots were first heard around dawn at the main military camp in Ouagadougou and in some residential areas, followed by blast near the palace.

Later, State television stopped broadcasting, while the capital went quiet with schools, businesses and banks shut.

Later in the day, Military vehicles were stationed along deserted streets.


Diplomatic missions and various embassies have cautioned their residents to limit movement while they monitor the development. The U.S. Embassy, for instance, urged American citizens to limit their movement.

Reuters reported that security sources have disclosed that there has been frustration within the military at a lack of progress in combatting Islamist miltants.

The country recorded a coup on Jan. 24. Reports suggest that the latest unrest has the semblance of military takeovers that have swept within Central and West Africa in recent times.

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