Couple petitions Council of State over locked up cash with Ideal Capital


A couple has petitioned the Council of State to impress on it to get one of its members, Samuel-Laud Nii Kotei Dzani, who is the owner of Ideal Capital Partners Limited, to refund monies they invested in his company.

The couple, Mr. Derek David Mensah Asamoah and Mrs. Edith Barbara Annan-Asamoah said they had their GH¢2.5 million investment locked up with the company and efforts to retrieve it have proven futile.

They have also sued the company to court over their money.

Mr. Derek and his wife, who own and operate Fedek Group, a beverage and mineral water manufacturing company said they made an initial deposit of GH¢2 million into a Fixed Deposit Account they opened at Ideal Capital, for a 28% interest per annum for 182 days.

“On or about 16th April, 2018, we made a further investment in the amount of GH¢500,000 for a period of 91 days with a promised return of 26% per annum to mature on 16th July, 2018. The total principal amount for the two referenced investments with the company therefore stood at GH¢2.5 million as at 16th April, 2018,” the petition read.

They said in the petition that upon maturity of their investments and notice that they wanted to disinvest, Nii Kotei Dzani’s company has not been able to pay them back their monies and that has put their business in jeopardy and caused anxiety and stress in their marriage and business.

The couple in their petition stated that despite meeting them and promising to communicate a payment plan, Mr. Kotei Dzani “failed to do so and has since then, unfortunately, reverted to being unavailable to meet us or our lawyers who have repeatedly called upon him for such purpose.”

“We have commenced legal action against the company and are awaiting the slow wheels of justice to come to the aid of our distress, we are by this petition very respectfully and very humbly seeking your additional intervention to impress upon Mr. Samuel-Laud Nii Kotei Dzani to pay us the sums due us, as our business and the jobs of several Ghanaians in our employment have been put in needless and grave jeopardy by the actions of the Council of State member’s company, as Directed and Owned by him.”



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