21st May 2024

The Convention People’s Party (CPP) says it has nothing to do with a purported fundraising some unscrupulous people are carrying out in the name of the party.

The said fund raising is said to be meant to assist some vulnerable persons “contingent on the relief fund set up by the Government of the Republic of Ghana”.

But a statement issued by the party’s Acting General Secretary, James Kwabena Bomfeh Jnr, said the “party has nothing to do with it and the person or persons behind it are using the name of the party to perpetrate fraud on innocent members of the party and other individuals worldwide.”

“It is fraud,” the party emphasized, adding that the attention of the National Security and intelligence agencies have been drawn to the “devious act of seeking to soil not just the name of the CPP but Ghana as a whole.”

The perpetrators use the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) http://fundme.africa/campaign/19/cpp-for-covid for their nefarious scheme.

The party has, thus, asked the public to be “minded not to make any mistake to pay attention to the schemes of the fraudulent individuals who might be behind this”, adding that it shall help the law enforcement agencies to locate, apprehend and prosecute those behind “the act of thievery”.

“As the party concerned with building a nation on values and principles of honesty, sincerity, truthfulness, we find it strange that any person or persons would want to draw our hard earned image into the mud, exploiting the vulnerability of the already suffering Ghanaian,” the CPP said.

Internal probe

The party said, at this crucial time where Ghana is in search of true honest leaders to steer the affairs of the nation, no true CPP person could be found hiding behind such a worldwide pandemic to unleash fraud at such a cunning scale and degree, adding that the CPP vehemently “condemns this disgraceful act”.

“The party is instituting internal investigations alongside and any member(s) found to be associated with this dirty scheme shall be dealt with according to the laid down procedures of the party, including, where necessary, handing them over to the State for national laws to take effect. The Convention People’s Party is an exemplary party that will not condone or shield any member who knowingly flouts our constitution or the national constitution,” the party said.

“Ghanaians must help find an end to fraud. The CPP will lead the way. There is Victory for us,” the party concluded.


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