19th May 2024

Black Sherif Daniel Vanderpuje

Daniel Vanderpuje, the Chief Executive Officer of Cruise People Limited, the company in the ongoing contractual dispute with Ghanaian musician Black Sherif has vowed to seek redress in a civil court.

The cruise line alleged that Black Sherif breached his contract by failing to fulfil his commitments for a scheduled show in Greece on July 3, 2023.

Speaking about the situation in an interview with the media, Vanderpuje disclosed that it was important he seeks a just resolution for his company.

“We have a civil suit pending. We will submit the details and he will be served and be required to make a response. We will want to pursue this to its logical conclusion,” he said.

He also expressed concerns about the financial losses incurred due to the artist’s alleged no-show and the subsequent impact on the company’s reputation.

“I am sure they don’t want this to happen, neither do I want this to happen. So, we should have a handshake, we get paid and that is it,” he explained.

Despite the ongoing legal proceedings, Mr Vanderpuje said he remains committed to finding an amicable resolution.

He stressed that he does not wish to harm Black Sherif’s career or reputation in the process and hopes to reach a fair settlement that addresses the cruise line’s grievances.

“Because the way we were treated is not fair and we don’t want the public to conceive us as trying to put a stop to his career. We waited for two months trying to use all kinds of means and human resources available to find a lasting solution to this,” he added.

The CEO also addressed the uncertainty surrounding the event adding that they had invested significant resources and efforts in organizing the show.

“The cruise lines could not sell the cabins to the general public. Now they wait till after the 19th and came to tell us that they don’t have our money? We want our money and that’s not all we invested. We paid for an out broadcast to a media house to promote the event. When you book an entire hotel for an event, you prevent other people from having access to the hotel. Then all of a sudden, as the time draws closer, you tell them you’re not interested and that you want to refund the part payment you gave them. That’s what happened to us. You can imagine the damages.”

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