CSE controversy: Gender not determined by biology alone – Prof Gadzekpo


Professor of Information and Communication studies, Prof Audrey Gadzekpo, has said it is not just biology that determines whether one is male or female.

According to her, nature plays a significant part in determining what roles a person plays in society and how they express it as well.

“What I understand, is to be able to explain to your children that it is not only biology that makes you a woman or a man, it is natural also that prescribes what roles and how you express those roles,” she said.

She explained that the narrowing down of the debate about the Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) to issues of homosexuality by some conservative groups, does not help the debate.

“They have narrowed a whole comprehensive important discussion to homosexuality. It is not helpful to anybody, to our debate, our informed minds, and it does not allow us to deal with the clear and present danger,” she said.

According to her, this “clear and present danger” is paedophilia, which she believes the CSE will “cure”.

Referencing stories on paedophilia reported in the media, she said issues of sexuality have become important and therefore need to be comprehensively tackled “because adults are preying on children.”

She, therefore, cautioned the public to desist from making the whole discussion concerning Comprehensive Sexuality Education a matter of homosexuality, as it is not a danger.

“Why are we not talking about that clear and present danger which this (CSE) will cure? Why do we want to shift this whole debate into that narrow pigeon hole of homosexuality which is not our clear and present danger even if we do not like it?”


SOURCE: myjoyonline.com


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