21st May 2024

Executive Director of DI, Richard Ahiagbah

Danquah Institute, a public policy analysis, research and media training think tank, has called on Ghanaians, particularly residents of the Volta Region, to “reject and refute” the narrative that the Volta Region is under siege, as claimed by the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Leading members of the party, including the Volta Caucus of the Minority in Parliament and their flagbearer, former President John Dramani Mahama, had alleged that the region was under siege, claiming that the government was seeking to intimidate residents and prevent them from taking part in the ongoing voters’ registration exercise.

The allegation of the opposition party stems from the routine deployment of the military to the country’s Eastern and other borders.

According to the Volta Regional Chairman of the NDC, Henry Ametefe, the military deployment signifies the government’s hatred for Voltarians and Ewes. He went further to declare war on the government and President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

On Monday June 29, the NDC Minority Caucus gave the government a 24-hour ultimatum to withdraw the military from the area.


However, the pro-government civil society organisation, after visiting some of the entry points into Ghana from Togo, has noted that the information churned out by the opposition party was at variance with the realities on the ground.

Addressing a press conference at Aflao yesterday, the Executive Director of DI, Richard Ahiagbah, said: “From Atikpoe to Shia, Honuta, Wli-Todzi, Agortime Todzi, Agortimekofe, Vudoaba, Ashanti Kpoeta, and here in Aflao township and entry points, we observed zero sign of intimidation of the people.”

“However, we found out in Ashanti Kpoeta that Hon Emmanuel Bedzrah, the NDC MP for the area, has not visited the area to assess the situation for himself. Ladies and gentlemen of the media, everywhere we went, this is the story. The NDC MPs are screaming war from the rooftop without first-hand estimate of what war they scream.

“What is the rationale for the warmongering rhetoric, the ultimatum, and the claim of intimidation of Voltarians? The only first-hand observation the NDC MPs have to speak to is their post briefing visit to the main border in Aflao and Vudoaba in the Ketu South constituency; everything else they have told us from their press briefing is made up and hearsay,” he added.

He disclosed that the “voter registration in the Volta Region is taking place peacefully”, urging the people to disregard the NDC and its claims.

He further stated that the “masses of Ewes are gradually warming up to the political deception of the NDC in the Volta Region, and have particularly rejected, this time, the attempt to own Ewes and incite us against the government.”

Rule of law

Mr Ahiagbah further questioned why the NDC MPs sat in Parliament to pass the Executive Instrument (EI) 64 and 65, which gives the President the powers to protect the country’s borders in the midst of the novel coronavirus pandemic only to turn around later to fight the President for implementing the law.

“E.I 65 is a law passed by the Parliament of the Republic of Ghana, where Hon Emmanuel Bedzrah represents the good people of Ho West. So, it is disingenuous on the part of Hon Bedzrah, who voted to pass E.I 65 into law, to now come to the Volta Region to chant war and to issue a 24-hour ultimatum to the President to cease the enforcement of the law he passed,” he said.

“This tendency to undermine provisions of the 1992 Constitution is becoming one too many, and we must pause to find out from the NDC if it wants democracy, and with it, the rule of law in Ghana or not,” Mr Ahiagbah added.

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