Don’t Go To COCOBOD,Come To Us For Your Monies— LICOBAG


The Executives of the Lincensed Cocoa Buyers Association of Ghana has appealed to the owed cocoa farmers not to go to COCOBOD to pester them for their locked up monies but rather channel their cases to their organization for quicker resolution.

LICOBAG made this appeal when they met the press to explain the circumstances that has led to the indebtedness of some farmers who have been making ugly noises in the media of late. Reading the press statement in Accra, Mr. Emmanuel Adimado who is the president of the association said , as a result of the incidence of Covid 19 pandemic, his association came face to face with stiff challenges because the commodity faced non patronage abroad as a result of buyers indiferrence and low patronage of cocoa products worldwide as a result of the pandemic .

“Ladies and gentlemen, the COCOBOD has come out to explain clearly the challenges that militated against the commodity; some of which were low prices, over production, low patronage of cocoa products, and in some cases non- purchase of the commodities since 2019.

But let me say that, we deal with over one million (1000000) cocoa farmers but, just a few of them are owed and we are ready to pay them”. He therefore appealed to the affected farmers to direct their grivances to the association for quick solution instead of going to the media.

“As a matter of fact we have paid all the main season crop purchases except just the lean season purchases which are on-going. Again it is to be noted that this has NEVER happened in the history of the industry so, the affected farmers must rest assured that their cases would be looked into and addressed accordingly.

As we speak, COCOBOD does not owe us, may be the lean season purchases, so as soon as we get your receipts, we will pay you outright”. The association said most often they do pre financed purchases in order to settle farmers before they go to COCOBOD for reimbursement but this year, as a result of problems they encountered, there’s a little hitch that would be surmounted in due course. They called on the indebted farmers to contact their purchasing clerks to present their receipts for their monies.

In case of any snag they should contact the CEO of the buying agency for resolution but not to attack COCOBOD or engage the media.

Source :Nana Poku/


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