Drinks and meat pie can’t pay bills—SP Sarpong tells churches

SP Kofi Sarpong,

Gospel artiste, SP Kofi Sarpong, has added his voice to calls by his colleagues in the Gospel music fraternity that they should be paid for performing in churches.

According to SP Sarpong, it was wrong for any church to think that Gospel musicians were doing the work of God and, therefore, should not be paid for their services.

“What I mostly get after performing in church is meat pie and drink. How can I pay bills with the meat pie and the drink? We spend so much in the studio and I expect the church to understand what we go through.

“How do I pay my crew members who basically don’t do any work apart from supporting me? It’s about time the church supported the work we do by paying us when they invite us,” he told Graphic Showbiz on Monday, November 11.

Due to this treatment, SP Sarpong says he has stopped performing in churches for free. “I am done performing in churches for free. I know I am doing the work of God but this time, not for free.

“If the church calls me for an event, I just tell you my charges and if you can’t afford me, so be it.

“You expect me to look good and deliver as well but you don’t want to pay me. Imagine if I was not a police officer and solely depended on music for survival, how would I have catered for my wife, children and the other people who depend on me?” he asked.



Moving on to other issues, SP Sarpong said he never knew fame came with so much pressure until people started trooping to his office for help.

“I have a lot of people coming to my office for money or help and this has been happening since I became famous. It is either one wants a job, needs money to pay their fees or pay rent.

“The pressure sometimes becomes too much and it is all because my face is on the screens,” he said.


New Song

Known for songs including Africa Borborbor, Hour By This Time, Ayeyi Dwom, Aba Father, Sacrifice, Meto Ndwon and Aseda, SP Sarpong is out with his latest song Messiah recorded by Sha.

On the song which was released four days ago, SP Sarpong said he thanked God for all the wonderful things He had done in his life.

“I was involved in a serious motor accident two years ago on the Nkawkaw road and had it not been for God, I would have been dead by now. I owe my life to God and this song is basically telling everyone that there is hope,” SP Sarpong added.



Source: adomonline.com


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