14th June 2024

The Electoral Commission (EC) has postponed the 5pm scheduled declaration of the presidential election results.

The EC explained that the move was to ensure that the collation of results at the Constituency and Regional Collation Centres across the country was accurate.

In a press statement issued Tuesday afternoon [December 8, 2020], the EC said it will extend its intended timeline for declaring the 2020 Presidential election results.

“The new timeline will be communicated shortly.” it said.

It said the Commission has continually reiterated that “transparency, integrity, and fairness are the yard stick by which it conducted the 2020 Presidential
and Parliamentary Elections.”

“As such, to ensure that the declared Presidential results are 100% accurate and reflective of the will of the people, the Commission entreats the Public and all Stakeholders to exercise patience as the collation process continues in the presence of Political Party agents and election observers.”

“The Commission thanks all the registered voters that turned up in their numbers to vote on 7th December, 2020 and reminds the Public that it remains the only legally mandated body that can declare Presidential and Parliamentary election results in Ghana.”

Read Full Statement below:

Source: Graphic.com.gh

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