EgyptAir to begin new national airline called “Air Ghana”


EgyptAir is said to be preparing to begin a new national airline for the country, to be called “Air Ghana”.

According to Bloomberg, the new “Air Ghana” is likely to begin operations in a couple of months’ time.

EgyptAir is looking to expand on the African continent as air traffic recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Chief Executive of EgyptAir Holding Co., Roshdy Zakaria, told reporters in Ras Al Khaimah, one of the emirates of the UAE, that the new airline, likely called Air Ghana, will probably begin operations “in a couple of months” adding that EgyptAir will provide four Boeing Co. 737-800 aircraft to the Accra-based airline in which it will have a 75 percent share.

Further talks

Mr Zakaria also said that his outfit is also in talks with Sudan Airways, the troubled state carrier of Egypt’s southern neighbour, for an initiative that might involve establishing a transport hub.

“To spread in Africa, that is our main goal. When we have a hub somewhere in the middle of Africa that will give us a chance to reach new destinations,” he said.

The North African airline is seeking more than $300 million in additional government aid though the government provided $318 million in loans last year.

EgyptAir, like most global carriers, is battling the coronavirus’ impact on global travel.

“The carrier’s traffic is currently 40-50 percent of its pre-pandemic level in 2019, with hopes that it will rise to 75 percent this year,” Mr Zakaria said.





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