Ex NUGS Project Coordinator calls on EC to introduce online bookings


A former programs and projects coordinator of National Union of Ghana Students(NUGS) Sylvester Obeng Yeboah has called on the Electoral Commission of Ghana to introduce an online booking to help curb the spread of COVID-19 on the impending voters’ registration exercise in preparation to ensure that political leadership is decided in six months time.

He said now is not the time to debate whether registration should happen or not but should support the EC at all fronts.
He added that as people we should find creative ways of adding up to the efforts of the EC to make sure all of us are safe and sound.

Online booking.

“This country is ours, and it will take all of us to contribute to its progress. It is why I am suggesting an online booking system where people can book for the time, they should show up at the registration centres,” Mr Yeboah stressed.

Mr Yeboah indicated that passport office has a similar system running where people book their appointments online before they show up in person for the rest of the other process.
“This solves three issues; one, it helps to put social distancing measures in place as the online booking platform will regulate the exact number of people to be present at a particular polling station which will eventually reduce the spread of the disease. Secondly, it helps to prevent overcrowding of polling stations as we have experienced in previously held exercises. Thirdly, it helps to enhance productivity as in the sense of people having a definite timeline to have their registration so they wouldn’t bother to go to registration centres everyday like previously done with in time pasts have wasted lot of time that could have been channeled in other things both in our private and national life,” he added.

Recruitment of young people.

The former programs coordinator suggested that the government should support the EC with part of the covid-19 support fund to help recruit young people from NABOC, National Service Secretariat, NUGS to assist with the online booking system as he has suggested to enable people book the times they would be scheduled to have their registration.

“This disease is looming, yet people would want to exercise their national by registering to vote. I believe a lot of people will shy away from taking part in the exercise for the mere fear of catching the virus should they go to the registration centres. I believe the online booking system will help to drive away this fear and provide Ghanaians the comfortability of having their voting duty.
My suggestion come at a time where I know the electoral Commission have put up their best efforts in tackling the voter registry issue. I only seek to add my two cents. I am imploring all good people of Ghana to wish the Electoral Commission well, back them up with our prayers, and give them all the support they need. We are in this Ghana ship together. This ship must move forward regardless,” he mentioned.


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