20th May 2024

A fire outbreak that occurred in the early hours of yesterday destroyed a four-storey building facility at the Makola market.

The building, located few meters away from the Makola Fire Station of the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS), housed different shops, mainly containing cosmetic products.

The fire started around 8:30 and lasted for about six hours before it was totally doused around 2:30 pm.

Eye witnesses reported that the delayed arrival of personnel of the Ghana Fire Service led to the massive destruction.

According to the traders at the market, though the Ghana Fire Service was contacted on time, it delayed in arriving at the site of the fire, with claims by officials that the available hydrants in their tenders did not have the requisite pressure to get to the top of the building.

“I sell spray there; the fire started little; we went to the Fire Service station, but we were told there is no water in the fire tenders to fight the fire,” an eyewitness recounted.

More hands

According to report, about nine different fire tenders from different fire stations later visited the scene before they were able to douse the flames.

Head of Public Relations of the Ghana National Fire Service, PO1 Elis Robinson Okoe, disclosed that about 60 personnel from the Service were deployed to help fight the fire.

The PRO bemoaned lack of entry route to the market centre during the operation, saying it was one of the main factors that delayed their ability to douse the flame on time.

He added that, despite the challenge, the personnel deployed to the scene were able to contain the fire from extending to other part of the market.

He advised the traders to get fire extinguishers in their shops so that they would be able to contain fires at their initial stages before personnel of the Fire Service get to the scene during future occurrences.

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