18th May 2024

Mr Kwaku Kwaakye waters a tree planted on behalf of the First Lady

The First Lady, Rebecca Naa Okaikor Akufo-Addo, has made a passionate call to Ghanaians to take action by planting more trees in order to restore the country’s lost forests, repair the damaged ecosystems and mitigate climate change.

She made this call during the World Environment Day and the launch of the ‘Planting for Now and Future’ by the Department of Parks and Gardens at the Aburi Botanic Gardens over the weekend.

The First Lady, who was represented by Mr Kwaku Kwaakye of the Rebecca Foundation, said trees influence everything, from the environment to the physical health.

“Without trees to regulate and maintain the environment, there would be no life. Trees influence everything, from the environment to our physical health. Trees produce oxygen which is vital to life on earth,” she said.

The First Lady urged Ghanaians to make a difference by planting and caring for trees in their homes and public spaces, reiterating expert opinion that if everyone planted one tree annually and cared for it, there would be 75 billion new trees within the next 10 years.

One million trees

The First Lady disclosed that the Rebecca Foundation is taking a step towards helping to restore Ghana’s ecosystem by partnering the Department of Parks and Gardens to plant a million trees across the country over the next two years.

To seal the partnership, a tree was planted on behalf of the First Lady in the Aburi Botanic Garden. The First Lady expressed hope in the future of the planet if everyone would take the necessary steps to restore the lost forests and mitigate climate change.

“Today, as we plant a tree to launch this project, I do so with a sense of humility and confidence that decades and centuries later, someone will stand under this tree, touch it, connect to its presence and stand in awe of nature,” she added.


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