16th June 2024

The prices of petrol and diesel have gone up marginally at the pumps in Ghana, with petrol selling between Gh¢13.65 and Gh¢15.22 and diesel selling between Gh¢13.83 and Gh¢14.69 per liter.

In contrast to monthly reviews in other African regions, Ghana updates fuel prices every two weeks.

During the second pricing window of April 2024, petrol ranged from Gh¢13.13 to Gh¢14.99 per litre, while diesel varied from Gh¢14.11 to Gh¢14.70 per litre.

The uptick in fuel prices is attributed to the escalating costs of refined products in the international market and fluctuations in exchange rates.

Key players in the Ghanaian market, such as GOIL Plc, Star Oil, Shell, TotalEnergies, Petrosol Ghana Limited, Zen, Engen Ghana, Allied Oil, Pacific Oil, Dukes, Cash Oil, Lucky Oil, and Alinco, have adjusted their pump prices accordingly.

According to data from the National Petroleum Authority (NPA), petrol prices surged while diesel prices experienced a decrease within the span of two weeks on the global market, with petrol reaching US$942.30 per metric tonne and diesel dropping to US$792.02 per metric tonne.

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