17th May 2024

Margaret Darko Darkwa, Suhum MCE

A group of NPP youth in the Suhum Municipality of the Eastern Region are pleading with President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to consider and re-appoint the Municipal Chief Executive of the area, Margaret Darko Darkwa.

This, according to the youth, is due to the many developmental projects initiated by the MCE, which should be continued.

Speaking to the press yesterday, the group said the MCE, in the last four years, has demonstrated to have the well-being of people in the municipality at heart and should therefore be made to continue with the good projects he had initiated.

Listing some of the developmental projects initiated by the MCE, the group indicated that a number of the projects are at the foundation stage and therefore need to be continued by the hand that initiated them.

Mother for all

Aside from the infrastructural projects, the group said the MCE within the last four years has ensured absolute unity within the party in the area with her good interpersonal relationship.

“The woman has a good relationship with the people of Suhum, especially the youth, chiefs and elders of the municipality and there is therefore no reason for her to be changed,” Mr Aquasi, a spokesperson of the youth, told the media.

The group wondered why some people would be clamouring for the removal of the woman, despite all the successes chalked in the area, saying the people doing so are doing that because of their own selfish and parochial interest.

“So far, the woman has proven that she is the only person who can help the Municipality and should therefore be maintained,” they said.


They added that the number of female MCEs in the region are not many, pleading with the President to maintain the few who are there.

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