20th May 2024

Danny Opoku Antwi Diaspora4DMB has said he supports H.E Dr. Bawumia based on his competence, humility, sacrifices, loyalty to the party, his vision for the party and the country, his passion and Democratic credentials and respect for humanity irrespective of your status in society.

My first encounter with him was in 2012 through a phone conversation. The way and manner in which this man received me and solved a problem for my friend without knowing me leaves much to desired. I wasn’t executive of the party then neither was he a member of Government but he helped to solve my problem showing utmost care and love. Since then I’ve been in contact with him and through me he has helped a lot of people within my circle and out of my circle, Danny Opoku Antwi asserted.

Ahwenepa nkasa. He doesn’t talk too much on his benevolence and what he does for people.

Here in the USA, at times I will call him at work and this man will talk to everyone who wants to talk to him and solve their immediate needs. Upon his busy schedule as Vice President, he still has time to respond to such calls. This type of respect and humility can be“equated” to Jesus Christ. He’s down to earth.

He was the first person among the aspirants to congratulate me when I won my election as the NPP-USA Branch Youth Organizer. He’s the only aspirant who will find out how the Youth of the party are faring in the USA.

It’s my humble appeal; Delegates, kindly vote for him to uplift the image of the party and the country. He has the country at heart.

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