21st May 2024

The National Women Organiser of the NPP, Kate Gyamfua, has described as “insensitive against women” the extent to which some people are taking the ongoing discussions on ‘spousal salaries’.

According to her, the reduction of the discussion by some people to the fashion sense of the First and Second Ladies, including the ‘make-ups’ they wear, is misogynistic, and smacks of a deliberate attempt to reduce the relevance of women in governance to trivialities.

Speaking on Accra based Net 2 TV yesterday, Ms Gyamfua called on the communicators of the NDC and some civil society organisations to elevate the discussion above needless emotions and attack on womanhood.

She called on women groups and well-meaning Ghanaians to defend the First and Second Ladies against the deliberate attempt to denigrate their personalities.

Spousal salary

Speaking on the substantive matter, she questioned the reason behind the heated debate. She noted that the impression created by some people that the current First and Second Ladies would be the only beneficiaries of the proposal by the Ntiamoa Commission is erroneous.

She explained that past and present First and Second Ladies have proven their relevance in the governance system of the country.

Citing some projects carried out by the current First and Second Ladies, she said it is evident with their spouses becoming presidents, some responsibilities have been imposed on them, and therefore need to be remunerated.

She noted that in almost every constituency in the country, the impact of the two ladies have been felt, and wondered why they should not be paid for the good work they are doing for the country.

She, however, welcomed the decision by Mrs Akufo-Addo and Mrs Bawumia to reject the proposal and refund allowances received since 2017.


She advised members of the NPP who join the NDC in running down the government to be extra careful with how they handle issues when they come up. She noted that the NDC is always quick to twist the real facts in an attempt to deceive Ghanaians by projecting the government in bad light. She therefore advised members of the NPP to always not be quick to jump to the frail, but seek clarification from their leaders before joining the chorus to bastardise the government.

She maintained that the NPP is the best party to salvage Ghana from the ruins of the Covid-19 pandemic, saying it is incumbent on all party members to support the government to ‘break the eight’.

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