17th May 2024

Kate Gyamfua

The National Women Organiser of the governing New Patriotic Party, Kate Gyamfua, has said the recent conversation led by the youth via social media on the need to fix the country signifies Ghanaians’ continuous belief in the Akufo-Addo government.

According to her, it is therefore important for members of the NPP and the government not to rubbish the concerns but work to address them.

“People complain to those that they believe can solve their problems. If they are complaining now, it means they belief the incumbent government is the only government that can handle their concerns,” she said.

Ms Gyamfua, who was speaking on Accra based Net 2 TV yesterday, asked the opposition National Democratic Congress not to delude itself into thinking that the calls by Ghanaians mean a loss of hope in the current government.

She noted that even though the people acknowledge the successes chalked by the Akufo-Addo government, hence renewing its mandate, they believe the NPP can do more, the reason for the call.

“#FixtheCountry is not a call to bring back NDC; it is call to make good things better,” she said.


Define terms

She however called on the campaigners to define their terms on what they want to be fixed. In this case, she noted, it will make the conversation and their concerns more appealing. “The campaign must be geared towards specific sectors. But if they lump everything together, it becomes difficult to follow their argument,” she said.

She noted that the government had fixed a number of challenges it inherited from the NDC administration, and called on the campaigners to also acknowledge that in their campaign.

“We did not hear this kind of campaign despite the mess during the NDC era because Ghanaians know NDC could not have solved their problems. They are talking now because they know that despite all the mess that we have fixed, they gave us the mandate to do more. But I think they also need to acknowledge the good things done so far in their campaign,” she noted.

She said even though the Covid-19 pandemic has brought untoward hardship on Ghanaians, as well as the government, the Akufo-Addo government would not use that as an excuse to shelve its social contract with the people.


Meanwhile, the NPP Women Organiser has urged the government to reconsider its approach to handling the galamsey menace. According to her, the burning of excavators by the military as a means to fight the menace needs to be relooked at.

She noted that the party’s strategy in fighting the galamsey cost it a deal of fortune during the 2020 general election, and urged the ministries in charge of the fight to be more tactful in handling the issue.

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