17th May 2024

Mr. Owiredu Wadie shares food with the Kayayei. Inset: Mutiatu pleads for support

Head porters, known locally as Kayayei, and some street kids numbering about 1000 were treated to sumptuous meals and drinks amidst fun fare on Valentine’s Day February 14. The street party organised by KBK Foundation, a humanitarian foundation was to show love to the outcast in society on the day which was meant to celebrate love.

With Ghana’s spicing of the Valentine Day with chocolate eating, the Kayayeis were also given Kingsbite cocoa chocolate to ensure that they fully enjoy the occasion. Money ranging between GH₵100 and GH₵500 were also given to some selected Kayayeis to support themselves.


Everyone deserves love

Kwasi Yeboah Owiredu Wadie, chief executive officer (CEO) of the foundation speaking on the rationale behind the gesture said he believes everyone deserves to be loved hence the decision to show love to the ‘rejected’. He stated that though through his foundation, he supports hospitals and orphanages yearly on his birthday, he felt the need to show love to those on the street this time around.

He called on others to also show love to the less privileged adding for this is the reason why God has decided to bless some people.

The beneficiaries thanked him for the gesture. They called on other well-meaning Ghanaians to also emulate such kindness since life on the street is not an easy one.


Peaceful election

Mr. Owiredu Wadie used the occasion to plead with politicians to ensure peaceful elections in the country. “God forbid, but should war break right now, these ones are those who are going to suffer. They cannot afford plane ticket or run anywhere. At least for the sake of these ones, let us ensure peaceful election,” he said.


Request for help

Meanwhile a head porter called Patience Tampuri is pleading with the general public to support her to enrol at a Nursing Training College.

Mutiatu, as Patience is called on the street, says she completed Bole Senior High School in 2013 and had good grades but had to come down south to do kayayei because her parents were unable to afford her tertiary education.

Mutiatu, who hails from Daboya in the North Gonja District of the Savannah region, in an exclusive interview, on the side-lines of the party, said her wish is to leave the street and go back to school.

She says she went back home some two years ago to see if her parents could raise money to take her to school but that did not happen and she had to come back.

“I have not given birth, I am still young, I am only 22 years old, I just want to go to the Nursing College, should I get help today, I would leave the street,” she sadly said.

Source: Eveningmailgh.com

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