21st May 2024

Kingsair Travel and Tours has hosted survivors of the United States’ 1921 Tulsa race massacre.

The two African-American survivors of the century-old Tulsa Race Massacre recently visited Ghana with their grandchildren to connect with their “motherland.”

Viola Fletcher, aged 107, known as ‘Mother Fletcher’, and her brother Hughes Van Ellis, 100, known as ‘Uncle Red’, are from the district of Greenwood in the Oklahoma city of Tulsa.

In 1921, a mob of armed white folks carried out the massacre against Blacks.

The visit of the two survivors to Ghana was aimed at helping them to replace the 100 years of bad memories with knowledge of positive developments in their “motherland”.

Their trip to Ghana was organized by H.E Dr Erieka Bennett Founder, Head of Mission Diaspora African Forum.

KingsAir Travel & Tours was responsible for handling the entire logistics for their visit

CEO and MD of Kingdom Exim Group of Companies, Dr. James Rajamani and Dr. Immanuel Rajamani, had the privilege to meet and extend their best wishes and some Souvenirs to Mother Fletcher, Uncle Redd and their entourage at La Palm Beach Resort.

Persons who attended the event expressed that it was
indeed a great pleasure for them to have met Mother Viola Fletcher and Uncle Redd.

Mother Viola Fletcher and Uncle Redd are believed to be the Oldest Living 1921 Tulsa Oklahoma, USA Massacre Survivor.

*History of the Tulsa Massacre*

On May 31, 1921, a group of Black men went to the Tulsa courthouse to defend a young African-American man accused of assaulting a white woman. They found themselves facing a mob of hundreds of furious white people.

Tensions spiked and shots were fired, and the African Americans retreated to their neighborhood, Greenwood.

The next day, at dawn, white men looted and burned the neighborhood, at the time so prosperous it was called Black Wall Street.

In 2001, a commission created to study the tragedy concluded that Tulsa authorities themselves had armed some of the white rioters.

Historians say that as many as 300 African American residents lost their lives, and nearly 10,000 people were left homeless in the 1921 incident that drew the white against the black.

*About Kingsair travel and tour*

Kingsair travel and tour is a subsidiary of Kingdom Exim Group of Companies, a leading agro-based conglomerate.

*About Kingdom Exim Group*

The Kingdom Exim Group has been in existence since 2008, operating mainly in the Bono, Bono East, Ahafo, Greater Accra, Northern, Upper East, and Savannah Region.

As a leading agro-based company, the Group liaises with farmers of tree crops such as Raw cashew Nuts shea-nut, soya bean, maize, among others.


Over the years, the Group has undertaken a number of corporate social responsibility initiatives – drilling boreholes, providing materials for farmers, and providing food during the Covid 19 in the Tema Metropolis, supporting the Tema Regional police with PPE’s, barricades, hand sanitizers, liquid soap, support to Tema East Constituency during the covid 19 pandemic, donation made at the Techiman North District Assembly during the covid 19 pandemic, donation made to the Queen Mother’s in areas of the Eastern Region during the Covid 19 pandemic etc.


The works of the Kingdom Exim Group have widely gained recognition, helping the group to win several awards – both locally and internationally.

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