24th May 2024


In the wake of celebrities demanding what is due them by people who contract them to play roles in their movies, popular comedian DKB has joined the fray.

According to him, he was contracted by Kobi Rana in 2017 to play a role in his movie “The Christmas After Party” as a police officer. And three years down the line, Kobi has not paid the GHC500.00 due him.

DKB said after that movie, Kobi again reached out to him to play another role in a new movie. After telling Kobi that he was charging him GHC2, 000.00, Kobi Rana told him that the money is huge and he couldn’t pay.

DKB said the most annoying thing is that Kobi will sometimes call him with a promise to send him his money the next time yet he will not receive anything.

“…out of nowhere they can call you; ‘Hello DKB your money is ready so I’ll send it to you tomorrow. The following day you will call him and ask ‘Kobi where’s the money’ and he’ll respond ‘I’ve forgotten so let’s make it next week,'” the Comedian said.

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