Little lies that can do irreparable damage to your love life


Trust is one of the key factors of a successful relationship and once broken, it has the potential to do irreparable damage. Sometimes, even the smallest lie that seems harmless can lead to major issues in your relationship. To keep your bond healthy and happy, here are seven lies you must avoid saying to your partner.

1. Lying about the ex-partner

It’s your personal decision whether you are in touch with your ex-lover or not, but hiding the truth from your present partner is bound to create issues in your love life. If your partner finds out the truth someday, he or she would be surely suspicious of you for a long time and might even decide to part ways with you.

2. Pretending to be okay when you are not!

Do you supress your true feelings or concerns during a fight with your partner and simply lie by saying ‘I am fine’? Well, holding back your feelings and carrying grudges never does good to any relationship. You might consider this as an innocent lie but in reality, you are only weakening the foundation of your relationship.

3. Flirting too much with others

When you are flirting way too much with people in your office and friend circle and excuse yourself by saying ‘he or she is just a friend’, your partner definitely won’t ever appreciate it. Do we need to explain why?

4. Lying about the salary

Bragging about your lavish lifestyle and annual package can help you to create a good first impression temporarily. Remember, your relationship is not on the right path if you have to pretend to be someone you are not in real life. Both the partners need to accept each other the way they are and that’s how you share a healthy, satisfying relationship.

5. Sexual matters

It might be a little tricky to explain to your partner that you are not enjoying much in your sex life but lying about it would only worsen the situation. In fact, your partner might start assuming that you love certain things in bed more than you actually do. Remember, you deserve your share of pleasure in bed and you can have a healthy sex life only when you communicate about your true needs to your lover.

6. Pretending to love what your partner likes

Have you bluffed about liking the same things as you partner just to impress him? Well, how long you will be able to put up with that lie? Won’t you resent this move and feel you are being ‘fake’ in your serious relationship? Further, there is a high probability that your partner would not have judged you for having different areas of interest.

7. It’s not me, but you!

Not accepting your mistakes and falsely blaming your partner for any issue is the recipe of a disaster in a relationship. Your partner might start losing respect for you and this would eventually hamper the emotional connection between both.



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