Love and Lust have only one thing in common, “L”, which means late. It may be late to be loved by somebody or you may be late in life because you lusted after someone.

    “O” in love is the opportunity you lost. “Opportunity comes but ones” when you lose the person who loves you, you may not get the same chance again.

    “V” in love is the value you lost. Those who love you, value and cherish you. If you miss their love you throw your value to “pigs.”

    “E” in love is Excellence. When you are with those who love you, you always achieve excellence and greatness no matter the turbulence.

    “U” in lust is useless. You become useless in life when you lust after someone. By this, you lose your dignity.

    “S” in lust is shame. You may be disgraced internally or and externally if you lust after someone.

    “T” in lust is trouble(s). Lusting after someone may lead you to dangers and troubles.

    Choose right; between Love and Lust which one do you prefer.

    By: Gideon Oppong


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