24th May 2024

August 14 will go down in history as ‘black Sunday’ at Apramdo, in the Effia-Kwesimintim municipality of the Western Region, following the death of two of the residents in a gory manner.

A 32-year-old man, Emmanuel Kwofie, shot and killed one Elizabeth Nkrumah, 56, and stabbed himself to death afterwards. Ms Nkrumah was the mother of the ‘baby mama’ of Kwofie.

Reports say he killed the woman for denying him the opportunity to marry her daughter who happens to be the mother of Kwofie’s only child. Kwofie, popularly known in the area as Kilomanjaro, after shooting the woman, stabbed himself to death, with his intestines gushing out.

The two bodies have since been deposited at the mortuary pending further investigations by the police. Tears continue to flow with the residents saying this is the first time such a gory incident had taken place at Apramdo.


According to reports, Kwofie was dating a school going girl in the same community some years ago and got her pregnant. The girl’s family, particularly her mother (the deceased), did not approve of the relationship, and therefore rejected marriage proposal from Kwofie.

The man later travelled outside the country. According to the report, at all times that he was away, he did not take care of his girlfriend and son, leaving that responsibility on the 56-year-old mother of the young lady.

Kwofie returned to Apramdo some three months ago and still opted to go ahead with the marriage proposal he made earlier, even though the lady was said to be with a different man now.

The heartbroken Kwofie who blamed the girlfriend’s mother for his inability to marry the lady, on Sunday at about 10:30 pm forcibly broke into the compound of the former.

Ms Nkrumah, who was said to be in the bathroom at that time, came out to confront the intruder, only to be shot in both thighs.

Soon after shooting the woman, the heartbroken Kwofie went to the back of the building where he stabbed himself. The two were rushed to the Kwesimintim hospital, but Kwofie was referred to the Effia-Nkwanta hospital where he was pronounced dead. Few minutes later, Ms Nkrumah was also pronounced dead by hospital authorities.

Report says Kwofie, before embarking on the action, had been posting his frustrations in life on Facebook. He had also been posting about how he intended to kill himself to ‘end it all’.

An elder brother of the murdered woman, Ebusuapayin Badu, told journalists that the young lady who is at the centre of the whole controversy was not at home at the time the incident occurred. He added that as at the time the media visited the house, the young lady had not returned home and they could not also reach her leaving the family in a troubling state of mind.

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