27th May 2024

Dr. Kofi Amfo-Akonnor

Presbyterian Church of Ghana, New Juaben district minister, Reverend Dr. Kofi Amfo-Akonnor, preaching from the pulpit at Koforidua Ascension Presbyterian Church, has stressed on the need of Christians to keep their focus on the Lord Jesus Christ.


Rev Dr Amfo-Akonnor said this is the only assurance of success no matter the difficulty anyone runs into at any point in time.

Rev Dr Kofi Amfo-Akonnor, in his message, made reference to the experience between Simon Peter and the Lord Jesus Christ as recorded in Saint Mathew’s gospel, Chapter 14 verses 22 – 33 between Simon Peter and the Lord Jesus Christ.
Rev Dr Kofi Amfo-Akonnor said distraction of attention often lead to destruction while success comes from faith and keen focus in life.


He said he, whoever focuses on two or more would not see perfection and so, would end in failures and disappointment.
Rev Dr Kofi Amfo-Akonnor said the word of God has from the beginning remained Yes and Amen. It has remained the same from birth with the power of salvation; power to save, vested in the Lord Jesus Christ and as such, those who are not deceived to look elsewhere but focus on Him, are never disappointed.


Rev Dr Kofi Amfo-Akonnor said in the time of difficulty when Peter and the disciples travelling on the sea, saw Jesus walking on the sea, they needed Salvation and Peter cried out to Jesus.


Peter was called to walk on the sea too and indeed, he started walking on the sea.
Rev Dr Kofi Amfo-Akonnor said when Peter focussed on Jesus and in faith, started walking on the sea, moved on but for fear, he lost focus and disaster was to be his portion if not for the saving hand of the Lord.


In his concluding message, the District Minister said no matter the difficulty or disasters or global pandemic which could affect mankind as it is today, he said if Ghana would maintain complete focus on the Lord Jesus Christ, it would be well with the nation.

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