21st June 2024

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Coronavirus (Covid 19), a type of virus which derives its name from the crown-like shape, is a disease that has hit a wide geographical area and continues to affect a large population worldwide. More than 15,420 people have died as a result of being infected with this virus with new infections recorded on a daily basis. The widespread of the virus has caught the attention of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and has thereby declared it a pandemic.

Several efforts have been made by different governments and scientists. With scientists exchanging data around the world. One can only be hopeful to expect a positive result soon. However, beyond the hope is a work that needs to be done. This is the time that requires collaborative effort by individuals and people in authority.

Free flow of adequate accurate information is critical at this moment. It is also highly expedient as citizens to observe every necessary precautionary measure given us by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Ministry of Health (MOH) so as to avoid unnecessary danger and to ensure maximum protection.

It is known that some people who were infested recovered from the infection yet it is worth knowing that others passed on as a result of the infection. Why do you have to put your life in jeopardy while you can choose to stay safe. The Bible affirms that wisdom is a defence.

Moreover, a section of the population does not see the situation as critical and needing swift attention. Others have prioritized wrongly by placing money ahead of their health. They do anything possible to get money as they continue to trade ignoring the risk factors. This is a clear indication that the masses as at now, are not well educated on the pandemic. Teaching has not taken place when learning has not successfully occurred. On a live interview with TV3, a market woman said openly and without any sense of worry that the virus will be treated with a sanitizer should she be infected and therefore continues to do her business as usual.

Every citizen has a responsibility to educate others within our sphere of contact. I believe that one sure way to protect yourself is to protect others. As we regularly wash our hands with soap under running water, it is also recommended that we avoid close contact with people coughing and sneezing to prevent possible infection.

I applaud the government for the initiatives and bold decisions put in place to help control the spread of the pandemic.

Information at hand indicates that 53 people have been infested so far in Ghana of which two people have passed on. It is also evident that these 53 people have had contact with over 500 people with contact tracing underway. This information requires urgent attention as the spread needs to be controlled with every available known measure before it gets out of hand.

I strongly suggest that a total shutdown on all activities and the restriction of movements for about 21 days will help the nation to gain an upper hand in controlling the pandemic. It is believed that the first 14 days of the total shutdown, all those infested will show signs and symptoms of the infection and can be isolated for onward treatment. These are not normal times yet we shall overcome.

It is possible!

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