21st May 2024

The opposition National Democratic Congress has been accused of desperately making subtle and overt attempts at scuttling the construction of the proposed Pwalugu Multi-purpose Dam.

The project is seen as very strategic, as it seeks to transform many communities in terms of job creation, developing value chains in agriculture and enhancing of food safety and export potential.

Activists of the governing NPP in the Upper East Region, having been made aware of the NDC plot, have taken the fight to the opposition party, cautioning it to desist from sabotaging the efforts to improve infrastructure and quality of life of residents in the five northern regions.

They have particularly fingered Minority Leader Haruna Iddrisu, who they accuse of generating confusing arguments to stall the project.

Addressing a press conference yesterday, the Upper East regional chairman of the NPP, Anthony Namoo, said the minority’s claim that the project cost has been bloated is neither here nor there, describing the statement as baseless.

He added that the claims are unjustifiable and part of deliberate attempts to deny the beneficiary regions their due of the national cake.

“The undeclared intention of the NDC is to ensure that the project does not see the light of day. They want to sabotage the game-changing Pwalugu Multi-purpose Dam project for their selfish and myopic political interest,” he said.

Diversion of funds

The NPP chairman also accused the NDC of diverting funds for the project, and asked them to apologise and rally behind the government to help make the construction of the dam a reality.

“By the actions of the NDC and their surrogates, the release of funds for the timely completion of the project has been greatly hampered or delayed, but we are appealing to the NDC to take their unproductive hands off the Pwalugu Multi-purpose Dam project. This is the opportune time for the NDC to do self-introspection on the unhelpful path they have chosen,” he said.

“The NDC claims the cost of the project is exorbitant. While John Jinapor claims the project is inflated by US$150 million, Alhassan Suhuyini says it is inflated by US$55 million. So, which of these two figures is correct?” he asked.

Adongo out

Anthony Namoo also called on the people of Bolgatanga Central constituency to vote out the MP for the area, Isaac Adongo, for refusing to show up at the finance committee’s meeting for deliberations and approval of the contract sum for the execution of the project.

“Members of the Minority on the Finance Committee in Parliament, including the MP for Bolgatanga Central, Isaac Adongo, refused to attend the Committee’s meeting to deliberate on the project, which has far-reaching positive effects on the lives of our people. Isaac Adongo should have attended the meeting, given the significance of the project to the beneficiary regions,” he said.

He continued, “We call upon the electorate in the Bolga Central constituency to vote against Isaac Adongo as his interest is antithetical to the wishes and aspirations of the constituents. He should be declared persona non grata in the constituency. The personality to advance the interest of the constituents is [NPP candidate] Rex Asanga and we urge the people of the constituency to vote massively for him come December 7 2020.”

Pwalugu Dam

Underscoring the enormous benefit of the proposed multi-purpose dam, Mr Namoo called on well-meaning Ghanaians, especially those from the North, to support government to successfully execute the project on time.

President Nana Akufo-Addo, on November 29 2019, cut the sod for the construction of the dam.

The project encompasses a 60MW hydro-power, a 50MW solar power and an irrigation facility for all-year-round farming.



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