24th May 2024

Massive crowd at the rally

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has expressed heartfelt gratitude to the residents of Kumawu for their overwhelming support and attendance at the final rally held in the constituency. The rally, which witnessed an impressive turnout, served as a testament to the unwavering commitment of the people of Kumawu towards the NPP’s cause. Tomorrow, on election day, the party urges constituents to vote overwhelmingly for the NPP candidate, Ernest Yaw Anim, who occupies the No. 1 position on the ballot.

Nana B, NPP National Organizer

Henry Nana Boakye, popularly known as Nana B and serving as the NPP National Organizer, conveyed the party’s appreciation during his speech at the final rally. He expressed gratitude to the good people of Kumawu for their enthusiastic support and assured them that their overwhelming presence was truly valued.

Nana B and Kennedy Agyapong at the rally

The NPP National Organizer emphasized the significance of the upcoming election day and urged constituents to exercise their voting rights responsibly. Henry Nana Boakye reiterated the party’s belief that Ernest Yaw Anim, listed as No. 1 on the ballot, is the best candidate to represent the aspirations and interests of Kumawu.

As the final rally concluded, anticipation grew among party members and supporters, with a renewed sense of determination and unity. The NPP remains hopeful that the collective efforts and support from the people of Kumawu will translate into victory for the party and its candidate.

The election day is seen as a critical juncture for both the NPP and the residents of Kumawu. The outcome of the election will shape the future trajectory of the constituency and determine the leadership that will guide its development and progress.

As the countdown to the election begins, the NPP continues to rally its supporters, urging them to turn out in large numbers and cast their votes for Ernest Yaw Anim. The NPP’s unwavering gratitude towards the residents of Kumawu serves as a testament to their unwavering support and dedication to the party’s cause.

Tomorrow’s election day holds immense significance for Kumawu, as the choice made by its constituents will determine the direction and priorities of the constituency. The NPP’s plea to vote massively for Ernest Yaw Anim, No. 1 on the ballot, represents the party’s confidence in his ability to serve and bring positive change to Kumawu.

With high spirits and anticipation, the residents of Kumawu prepare to exercise their democratic rights, contributing to the shaping of their constituency’s future. The NPP eagerly awaits the outcome of the election, hopeful that the collective will of the people of Kumawu will pave the way for a successful and prosperous future under the leadership of Ernest Yaw Anim.

Ernest Yaw Anim addresses the gathering

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