27th May 2024

Jerry Osei-Opoku, E/R NPP Youth Organiser

The youth wing of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Eastern Region has pledged its readiness to support and defend the upcoming voters’ registration exercise against any group or individuals that will plan to mar the exercise in the region.

The youth in a statement, signed by Regional Youth Organiser, Jerry Osei-Opoku, signaled their readiness to cooperate with the Electoral Commission (EC) and all stakeholders in every step of the process, as the EC prepares to compile a new electoral roll ahead of the December general election.

Mr Osei-Poku indicated that the NPP is ready to offer the EC the appropriate support required for the exercise, and urged staff of the EC not to be swayed by any threat of violence on them during the exercise.

“We the youth wing of the party has followed with rapt attention raging debate and commentaries relative to the legitimate decision of the Electoral Commission to commence the compilation of a new Voters Register in the last week of June 2020.

“Of particular concern to us, necessitating these statements, are the threats from the NDC and Mr Bernard Mornah (PNC National Chairman) to disrupt the exercise and visit mayhem on Ghanaians, should the mass registration exercise be carried out by the EC,” the statement read.


The statement condemned the utterances and described same as unfortunate.

According to the NPP youth, no political party, including the NDC, can cause any form of disruption to the mass registration exercise in any of the centre in the Eastern Region.

“The youth in the Eastern Region shall, in the spirit of the 1992 constitution, resist any attempt by the NDC, its assigns or any organized group to disrupt or truncate or compromise or halt the registration exercise of the EC in any part of the region,” the statement indicated.

The statement added that every qualified Ghanaian in the Eastern Region should be rest assured that their health, security, and safety would be guaranteed throughout the exercise as enough measures have been put in place to permit incident-free exercise in the region.

Sacred duty

The party entreated qualified Ghanaians, especially the youth, to take part in the exercise in order to have their names captured.

“We, the youth, owe this generation, and that to come, a sacred duty to keep Ghana on this very progressive and sustained development trajectory by keeping the NPP in power for a very long time.

“So we would not let our guard down for the naysayers, pessimists, corrupt and incompetent NDC to creepily rob us of the promising future,” the statement added.

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