NPP’s coat-and-tie approach to politics


By Newton-Offei Justice Abeeku

When NPP lost power in 2008, 3 of the party’s supporters were butchered by members of ndc in broad daylight at Agbogbloshie, but NPP failed to pressure the government to institute a commission of enquiry.


At Atiwa by-elections, then ndc women’s organiser, Anita Desosoo, rammed her overspending landcruiser into NPP supported and grievously maimed them for life, but NPP failed to pressure the government to institute a commission of enquiry.


During a 5-polling station election rerun at Akwatia, then director of elections and NPP member of parliament for Okre, Dan Kweku Botwe was ordered out of a polling station by ndc thugs, right under the noses of police officers, but NPP failed to pressure the government to institute a commission of enquiry.


In 2008, when EC was was still in process of getting the figures to announce final results of the presidential election and declare the winner thereof, ndc mobilised it’s members, armed them with all kinds of deadly weapons and besieged the Electoral Commission, but NPP failed to pressure the government to institute a commission of enquiry.


In 2016, a peaceful demonstration by LMVCA was attacked with brute force by the police, where eyes were scooped out, skulls cracked, bones crushed, flesh shredded and ladies’ waist beads torn asunder, but NPP failed to pressure the government to institute a commission of enquiry.


But Ayawaso incident occurs, and ndc was able to pressure the government to institute a commission of enquiry, turn the occasion into a commermorative event, use it to verbally abuse the police service, describe the sitting-President as a “CHIEF DESPOT” and went home peacefully to chop their wives’ food and enjoyed pleasant nocturnal conjugation thereafter.


Out of frustration arising from persistent ruthless attacks being inflicted on NPP supporters by ndc hoodlums, Nana Addo made the ‘all die be die’ statement; and that was demonically, but with impeccability of efficacy, turned into NPP electoral graveyard.


But today, ndc leadership from John Mahama, all the way down to the FOOL-soldiers in the hinterlands, are openly threatening a civil war of cataclysmic proportion, should a new voters register be compiled and used for the 2020 general elections, and nobody is either calling them to order, or, effectively spinning such pronouncements against ndc.


Finally, ndc has actually incorporated into their party constitution, the 1981 31st December coup d’tart which overthrew a constitutionally elected President Dr Hilla Liman-led administration, and actually instituted a day for commermorating same.


But, NPP which was not even in existence at the time Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah was toppled in the 1966 coup d’tart, is always chickening out when members of ndc, whose umbilical cord is firmly-rooted in serial coups and despicable human rights abuses, hypocritically describe them as descendants of coup makers.


For the records, no active partaker of 1966 coup d’tart was, and never is, a notable actor in the dynamics of Danquah-Busia-Dombo tradition.


On the contrary, those who staged the 31st December, 1981 coup d’tart and used state resources to form ndc, took off their khaki uniforms, put on sandals made from discarded car tyres, and with their smelly overgrown unkept nasty beards, subjected the country to 19 uninterrupted years of socioeconomic gangsterism and accumulated enormous amount of ill-wealth, are the very ones still being allowed to be fooling around today.


And last but definitely not the least, had the late President Atta-Mills been a president of an NPP administration and died under those palpably criminal circumstances, an opposition ndc would have, through sustained well-fashioned but vile propaganda of purely self-serving intent, been successful in forcing the government’s hands to institute a commission of enquiry.


The date of Atta-Mills’ mysterious death would have then become an annual commermorative event by these ndc insipud propagandists and shameless nationwreckers, to spit vernom out of their decripit buccal cavities on every decent member of the Ghanaian society whose line of thinking and beliefs are at varience to theirs.



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