25th June 2024

The Akyem Oda branch of the Precious Lions Club (Prospective), in collaboration with Med one laboratory and Springfield foundation, has embarked on a free health screening for some members of the Emmanuel Presbyterian Church in Akyem Oda. The church members were screened of various diseases and medical conditions including malaria, Blood Pressure (BP),  sugar level,  BMI, hepatitis B, blood group among others.

About 300 people went through the screening where about eight of them were diagnosed with diabetes. The church members who were diagnosed with diabetes and other diseases were referred to the Oda Government Hospital for treatment.



A Physician Assistant at the Oda Government Hospital, Emmanuel Kaledzi, counselled the residents on the need to check their sugar level regularly and to seek for medical attention immediately they are diagnosed with diabetes.


Prospective lions President, PCP Lion Adu- Boahene, speaking to Eveningmailgh.com on the sidelines of the exercise said it was done as the group’s quota to help reduce diabetes and other diseases in Ghana and Oda.

PCP Lion Adu- Boahene used the opportunity to inform the people about the activities of the group, inviting them to join the club. He expressed appreciation to some individuals for the support in making the program a success.


Source: Eveningmailgh.com

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